March 28, 2008


Telmex is the primary provider of telephone service in Mexico. They also provide internet. The initial cost was pretty hefty. We paid MXN$2000 for installation. Telmex's Infinitum 1000 is the internet service we decided to go with. They gave us a free modem which also doubles as a wireless router. No complaints so far. It's fast and reliable. The monthly cost for our land line and internet are MXN$156 and MXN$260, respectively.

March 24, 2008

Surfing Perro

It's not often you see a dog surfing on the roof of a pick-up truck. He kept getting up there by himself & was just completely loving it!

P.S. We did follow him and he made it safe to his final destination.

March 23, 2008

Pick-up Truck

Could you squeeze one more hombre into that truck por favor?

March 22, 2008


A cop on a horse in a sombrero. I luuuuuuv it!

March 14, 2008

Free Spay and Neuter Clinic

The province of Michoacan provides FREE spaying/neutering and rabies vaccines for cats & dogs. This is a mobile clinic that can be found at Plaza del Carmen (Benito Juarez & Eduardo Ruiz, north of the Cathedral) Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm. An appointment is necessary so you might have to make 2 visits. Patzcuaro also has a "gratis" spay and neuter clinic but with restricted hours (due to funding complications we hear). Best to contact them directly to confirm the ever changing hours of operation.

March 08, 2008

Pirates of the Morelian - Curse of the Black Mercado

Pirated DVD's are abundant in Morelia. Most often they can be found at various mercados, "Tu Plazas" & weekend flea markets. Many are digital copies that are available BEFORE before the official (aka: legal) DVD is released. Where do they get these? I have no idea.

March 07, 2008

Temperature Rising

The weather in Morelia during the winter months is definitely better than anything frigid Canada can offer. The one quirk that I have noticed is the temperature swing from night to day. During the day, it's bloody hot! 25-30 Celsius is the norm. When the sun sets, it's a whole different story. Wake up in the morning and you're freezing your ass off. 6-8 Celsius. I wake up and throw on a hoodie first thing. A hot tea is always nice as well.

March 04, 2008


I love churros! Soft and doughy goodness on the inside, sugar and cinnamon coated crispiness on the outside! You can buy them easily from vendors down by the Cathedral, weekend street markets or sometimes even during a red light at major traffic intersections. These ones are good but they're deep fried so you usually have to take a "I-ate-too-much-grease" nap later on in the day.

N.B. There's one place we have seen them baked. Not traditional but much better for the ol' heart. So, they are at... please don't hate us... Costco! They use their big pizza ovens to cook these babies up.