April 17, 2008


Mattresses are not cheap in Morelia. If you like foam, it's not easy to find. Mexican standard sizes are individual (39"), matrimonial (52"), queen (60") and king (78"), all of which have a length of 75". If you are tall like me (6'), it can feel a tad short at times.

If you want standard USA size mattresses, Costco is the only place I've seen that stocks them. Colchones BEKY (Camelinas 1964) is a great mattress store. There are two English speaking brothers (Juan and Pedro) that work there and they were extremely helpful. We ended up getting a Mexican queen foam mattress (pretty darn firm!) and we bought a memory foam topper from Costco (American size so we can bring it back with us to Canada).

April 13, 2008

Monarca/Altozano Golf Course

I had mentioned a new golf course being built in Morelia in an earlier post. Supposedly, on May 31, 2008, the course at Bosque Monarca is opening 9 holes for play! Monthly membership for the first several months will be US$150. I'm not even sure exactly what the course is called. Originally, I had heard Bosque Monarca but more recently, I've heard it being referred to as Bosque Altozano.

April 07, 2008

A little random I know but...

...doesn't he look like Burt Reynolds?

April 03, 2008

Mexico Driving Aid

I came across this amazing website application that allows you to map a driving route in Mexico. You select two cities and it outputs a map, the distance, the time and the total cost of tolls on the route. It gives the shortest route, which may not always be the fastest. You can select intermediate cities to keep you on toll roads, which are faster and better (even if they are slightly out of the way). The website is here.