January 04, 2008


That's right. We have a Costco membership. Never did when living in Canada. Didn't need 5L vats of olive oil I guess. Still don't but Costco is one of the few places you can get good olive oil along with nice cheeses, frozen berries, ok quality dog food, cheap "agua con gas", etc, etc. You can also get hard-to-find items like pine nuts or vegetarian veggie stock (no English books or mags though). Plus it is the ONLY place I've found "fresh" tofu (aka: not in a Tetra pak tofu). I've never utilized these services myself but I've been told the photo print shop & ophthalmologist are pretty good too. The one year membership was approx. MXN$400.00 for 2 cards. Any additional card cost an extra MXN$100.00 I believe. The application process only took about 10 min. and was relatively painless. However, you must have some "officially" looking ID with you when you apply. The drive is about 15 min. from Centro & there is always lots of free parking. To get there head south down Juarez (away from the cathedral). When you get to the roundabout t-intersection thing-y at the end take a right onto Camalinas. Somewhere along the way Camalinas changes its name to Periferico Independencia so don't panic. Costco will be on your left about 5-10 min. later (depending on traffic). Click here for the Costco Morelia web page. Happy box store shopping!


Steve Cotton said...

I saw your note on the MoreliaConnect message board and decided to take a look at your blog. I am in the process of moving to Mexico, and it appears that I will probably end up in Patzcuaro. If you want to watch my progress, I blog at http://steveinmexico.blogspot.com/

I will watch what you have to say with interest. I must admit I am disappointed to read that Costco does not carry English books. I was hoping that would be a good source.

Michael Warshauer said...

Keep the blog posts coming.
Costco is a good store AND it now has that very nice and convenient Mega Comercial Mexicana next to it. Easy, one stop shopping, especially for those of us living in the P√°tzcuaro area.

We were there day before yesterday, and they again have Sharp Cheddar Cheese in stock, and not just the ultra fancy aged Vermont Cheddar for mucho dinero,


Kate said...

Sanbourns on Madero (across-ish from the cathedral) has a small English book selection. LOTS of English magazines though. Used book stores sometimes have an English section but it's usually dated & sparse. In regards to Patz the library has a surprisingly large number of English novels. Left behind by tourists I guess. You don't even need a library card. At least for gringos it's based on an "honour system". Borrow a book, read it & then take it back.