February 29, 2008

Neck Braces

I've seen more people wearing neck braces in 5 months down here in Mexico than I have in my entire life. I'm talking like almost daily here. The question is...more accidents therefore greater need for neck braces OR more DIY medical care. Bit of both I'm guessing.

N.B. So we don't look like total assholes -In no way were we harassing this poor guy. My wife was originally in the picture (off to the right) but when we saw this great neck brace in the shot we zoomed in on him & cropped her out.

February 25, 2008

Sex sells but who's buying?

When we first arrived in Morelia, we were stuck behind this bus with an ad on the back that included a bikini-clad girl in a hyper sexy pose. The first thing that crossed my mind was "Wow. That's a big ass ad for an escort service. Where do they get that kind of dough?" Turns out it was an ad for a sign making store. So, new condo development in need of a good ad campaign? No problem! Here's a billboard with a girl in a bikini to help sell ya! Convenience store? What about three lovely ladies who just happen to be half naked. Need shoes? How about we reel you in with this bikini clad girl in heels?

February 22, 2008

Motorcycle Madness

I have no idea what Mexico's helmet laws are (or if there are even any at all) but rarely does one see any motorcycle/scooter rider wearing one. Some of the more memorable moments we have witnessed include three full sized people squished on a teeny-tiny Vespa-like bike, couples with children of various ages sandwiched in between them, couples with dogs of various sizes sandwiched in between them and the supreme moment (so far) has been a couple on a bike with...wait for it...the back passenger holding a big plastic gerbil ball with a gerbil in it!
Especially when traffic gets thick don't be surprised to see bikes weaving in & out of oncoming traffic, zooming the wrong way down a one way or even zipping along on the sidewalk.

Got a good bike story to share? Comment away!

February 20, 2008

Perros del Techos

It appears some buildings keep dogs on their roofs as security. I guess the broken beer bottles aren't enough. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of these pooches never get to leave.

February 18, 2008

Band for Hire

Within Morelia there are specific street corners where mariachi bands-for-hire gather. Our favourite spot has to be on Corregidora (just in front of the Casa Natal de Morelos). We have yet to hire a band but do find ourselves smiling each time we navigate these overcrowded sidewalks. Check out the big smiles & slick duds!

February 06, 2008

Speed bumps... everywhere!

If you've ever heard/been the car passenger screaming "Bump. Bump! Buuuuuuump!" Then you know what we're talking about! The destroyer of shocks. The scraper of floor pans. The warper of rims. Everywhere you'll find speed bumps of all shapes & sizes. Half of them are unmarked & often in the middle of a "highway". We've learned the hard way what it's like to be driving along 90+ km/h and then slam on the breaks because of an unmarked speed bump. Plus, I swear when we've driven thorough small towns I've seen ppl. line chairs up along the side of the road to watch cars bottom out! Free entertainment for rural folks I guess!

February 05, 2008

The Magno Bull

For me, always a treat to spot one of these billboard beauties when out on the open road.