February 22, 2008

Motorcycle Madness

I have no idea what Mexico's helmet laws are (or if there are even any at all) but rarely does one see any motorcycle/scooter rider wearing one. Some of the more memorable moments we have witnessed include three full sized people squished on a teeny-tiny Vespa-like bike, couples with children of various ages sandwiched in between them, couples with dogs of various sizes sandwiched in between them and the supreme moment (so far) has been a couple on a bike with...wait for it...the back passenger holding a big plastic gerbil ball with a gerbil in it!
Especially when traffic gets thick don't be surprised to see bikes weaving in & out of oncoming traffic, zooming the wrong way down a one way or even zipping along on the sidewalk.

Got a good bike story to share? Comment away!

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