January 08, 2008

A Mistake We'll Only Make Once

47 Leon Guzman. See comments for all the gory details.


Michael Warshauer said...

The sign looks nice. :-)

What was it about the restaurant that you disliked?

(I almost never patronize fancy restaurants, although Bizancio has tempted me.)


Kate said...

We're not big "fancy restaurant" patronizers either but it was a special night & we were celebrating with friends. I will say the service was good BUT if the food is crap who cares! So, for example, the "Wild Mushroom Salad" starter I ordered was a pile of RAW, sliced white mushrooms slapped on a single leaf of iceberg lettuce. My fish main (since I have attempted to purge this dining experience from my memory I can't quite remember its "menu name") was bony, mushy & just plain old gross. The accompanying sauteed veggies were so undercooked that the zucchini slices were still raw in the centre. The rest of the table voiced similar comments. Their dishes also seemed slapped together & ill prepared. For me though the clincher was seeing my husband, a food fanatic, not finish his meal. In our 10 yrs together I have seen this happen MAYBE once or twice. He ALWAYS eats everything. I know, bad food happens but what killed us about Mercedes were the prices charged. For a starter & main (there was nooooo way we were gonna gamble on dessert) it was about MXN$200/person (SIN drinks)! For Morelia that is A LOT. I'd rather take my money to an establishment that maybe doesn't have the fancy decor but offers up an honest, value packed dining experience.

Rick Brunson said...

My apartment is downtown Morelia in the Centro Historica district so I am always interested in great eating venues within walking distance. I was recommended Fonda los Mercedes by one of the owners of Baden-Powell and had dinner there Monday December 31. When asked what particular dish was his favorite, his reply was anything pollo. So I ordered chicken Kiev, I don't recall the Spanish name, and it was delicious as was the ensalada and vino.
I'm sorry to hear there have been less than stellar experiences recently. I am a world traveler and not easily impressed, but this place was top notch in every department including ambiance, food, creativity and service. I intend to return.

Kate said...

Well, to each his/her own buuuuuuut I'm still not convinced. It was THAT bad!