January 10, 2008


When we first arrived, we had to set up all our services. Electricity, telephone, gas, internet and cable, etc. The cable provider we went with was Telecable. We're not huge TV watchers so the hundreds of dollars we'd have to spend to set up a satellite dish didn't seem worth it. If you like to watch a sitcom every once in while Telecable is more than ok. We get close to 100 channels, 20 of which air English programs and movies. We get shows like Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, MTV & VH1, John Stewart's Daily Show, etc. What we DO miss however are stations like A&E or TLC. The only all English stations are CNN and BBC. So, they have several offices around town. One is a booth near the cashiers inside of Walmart (on Calzada La Huerta) and the other is at the Manuel Nuñiz (@ Nicholas Bravo) entrance to Comercial Mexicana. We had to pay MXN$250 for installation and our cable package costs MXN$225/month. Cheap! You can also get your internet bundled with the cable through them, which ranges in price from MXN$329-654/month, depending on your desired speed.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Love the name. How did you set this up? It really has a nifty look.


Kate said...

Thanks Carlos for the kind words! We don't wanna give away alllllll our secrets but we can tell you our blog is a "Blogger" blog (www.blogger.com) & that the majority of the pics are ones we take ourselves.