May 28, 2008

Skateboard Park

Morelia is about the farthest thing away from a good city for skating. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find smooth ground let alone good spots anywhere in the city. Surprisingly, the city of Morelia or some other government branch has allocated space for a skate park in Bosque Cuauhtemoc. Unfortunately, it's far from good. Pretty much all the obstacles are made of slippery plastic (similar to hockey rink boards but thicker). There are holes in the majority of the ramps, ledges that look like they ran out of building material, cracks all over the cement ground, nails and screws sticking out of everything. Skating, in general, is a difficult activity to do but it's even tougher when you have these other hazards to worry about. I give this park a rating of 1/10.


Steve Cotton said...

Maybe it's a park for Extreme Skating!

Charles Sipe said...

That sucks. Will complaining to the city do any good?

Keith said...

It really is a death trap of sorts. A single fall in the wrong spot (on a nail or a screw) or catching you wheel in a hole on a ramp or a crack on the concrete floor and you could be headed to the hospital for stitches. I've never dealt with city officials so I have no idea. It has the potential to be pretty decent.