February 06, 2008

Speed bumps... everywhere!

If you've ever heard/been the car passenger screaming "Bump. Bump! Buuuuuuump!" Then you know what we're talking about! The destroyer of shocks. The scraper of floor pans. The warper of rims. Everywhere you'll find speed bumps of all shapes & sizes. Half of them are unmarked & often in the middle of a "highway". We've learned the hard way what it's like to be driving along 90+ km/h and then slam on the breaks because of an unmarked speed bump. Plus, I swear when we've driven thorough small towns I've seen ppl. line chairs up along the side of the road to watch cars bottom out! Free entertainment for rural folks I guess!


Anonymous said...

First of all, if you're not really really really REALLY paying attention, you shouldn't be driving in Mexico. Second, they're not speed bumps; they're topes; the profound difference (and their beauty) being that they indicate the absence of an overabundance fat black-suited jackbooted thugs with sunglasses and tasers. That's spoken from an American perspective, of course.

P.S. famous last words (for your car's suspension)in Mexico: "What's that idiot ahead slowing down for?"

Keith said...

Of course, the picture is just one example of common speed deterrents in Mexico. Call them whatever you want, they totally suck! lol

The giant ones that are a foot tall and 4 feet wide are the killers.