January 12, 2008

Skype you

Have lots of family and friends to stay in touch with via long distance? Well, if you have access to a computer with a microphone (if not, you can buy one at Office Depot for like MXN$50.00) you're in luck! Skype is something I've known about for a while but never utilized it until we moved. I have no idea how it works but it lets you use your computer as a telephone. If you have a vdo camera on your comp. you can even vdo conference instead! This is fun because I can hold up to the camera something I bought or they can see my new haircut, or sunglasses, etc. If your friend has also signed up for Skype you can talk for free. Seriously! FREE! If your friend is not hooked up with Skype though it's no problem. You can call their regular ol' landline telephone from your computer for a great rate. To Canada, we call for C$0.02/min. (& a C$0.06 connection fee). I think the US is the same pricing. You don't need to buy any software, it is free to sign up, you can pay for your calls with either a credit card or pay pal acct. & we have received little if any promotional emails from them. You can even have Skype forward your incoming calls to your landline phone! Once you go Skype you don`t go back.


Brenda said...

We use Yahoo Phone Out. It works the same way as Skype but is cheaper yet. It is 1 cent per minute and no connection fee, this is to Canada, USA and other places. To call within Mexico I think it is about 7 cents per minute. Very good voice quality, less dropped calls than Skype. Yahoo is also free computer to computer. We have friends that use Skype for their phone out and they have lots of dropped calls, even when calling computer to computer which is how we call each other. Overall comparing the quality when using Skype computer to computer and Yahoo for phone out, I would recommend the Yahoo; but that is just my experience.

Keith said...

Thanks for the info Brenda!