January 22, 2008

Say Cheese

In Mexico, I didn't expect to find so many great new cheeses! The three I enjoy most (so far) are Manchego, Oaxaca & Fresco.

Manchego is a mellow buttery cheese with a similar texture to a Gouda or Jack. Great with crackers!

Oaxaca is stringy & similar to a mozzarella ball. However, it is waaaaay more stringy & has a taste more like cheese curds. Salty & slightly tangy. The best quality I've found is at my local mercado. I've bought vacuum sealed balls at Comercial Mexicana (CM) but its texture & flavour were totally off. If you do buy at CM try to buy the one that has already been pulled into pieces & is sold in a plastic wrapped styrofoam plate. Oaxaca is great in quesadillas!

Queso Fresco is feta-like but not as salty & not as firm. My wife makes these great Portabello mushroom soft tacos with fresh epazote & crumbled queso fresco (recipe coming soon). It is the perfect cheese to complement them!

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thomas said...

Oh yeah! If you ask me mexico has some of the best cheese in the world i really love oaxaca cheese ... Jummy! it reminds me on mozzarella...:D

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