January 06, 2008

It's Show Time! - Cinepolis

When I first arrived it was surprising to me how nice yet cheap movie theaters were. Release dates usually lag behind Canada & the US by a couple of weeks but really - who cares. There are 3 Cinepolis locations in Morelia. "Centro" is located on Santiago Tapia (which runs parallel about 2-3 blocks up from Madero (on the north side), "La Huerta" is beside the Walmart on Calzada La Huerta & "Plaza Morelia" is located on Paseo de la República No. 5030 just east of Plaza Las Americas. Prices vary between each theater but is minimal. At "Centro" an adult ticket costs MXN$43.00 (Wednesday is cheap night at MXN$26.00), matinées are MXN$26.00 & kids under 12 & those over 60 are MXN$33.00. The snacks are well movie theater snacks so still kinda gross but allot cheaper. A Spanish or dubbed into Spanish movie will have the letters "ESP" or "Doblada" after its title. Sometimes they'll show the same movie on 2 different screens with one dubbed and the other with only Spanish subtitles. For obvious reasons all kid-y type movies are dubbed. The rating system is different here - AA is suited for kids under 7, A is suited for kids under 12, B kids must be over 12, B-15 kids must be over 15, C is for adults over 18 & D is naughty adult only.

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