April 03, 2008

Mexico Driving Aid

I came across this amazing website application that allows you to map a driving route in Mexico. You select two cities and it outputs a map, the distance, the time and the total cost of tolls on the route. It gives the shortest route, which may not always be the fastest. You can select intermediate cities to keep you on toll roads, which are faster and better (even if they are slightly out of the way). The website is here.


Hollito said...


I knew this routing website, but found it not very comfortable. But for a long time there was no working route planner for MX.

But since last year (drum whirl) there is a really good one:


Works like a charm and even finds roads in small cities and villages.

Take care if your Javascript and/or Java is switched on for this website.
Screenshot here.

Regards from sunny Germany,

Keith said...

Thanks hollito!

I'll check it out.


Hollito said...

My pleasure, Keith.
Hope you find it useful. I noticed a few minor glitches in that map24 plans, e.g. sometimes it refuses to find something even it is there, but all in all ist is pretty usable. :-)

Will check back from time to time to read the new entries in you blog. :-)